Gimp Version 2.8.10 Free

The free alternative to any paid photo editing software you consider

Do you often find yourself with the need to edit photos? Give them a little touch of your own? Modern technology allows us to accomplish wonderful things when it comes to capturing photos and manipulating them. While some tools are available for paying customers, others are offered completely for free while containing the same features.
GIMP is a great example for such an open source based tool. Not only is GIMP an image editor, but it's also a paint and drawing instrument, a photo digital retoucher, and a batch conversion and processing tool, all offered in a single package. We're talking about a very powerful and potent image manipulation tool which seamlessly accepts a variety of plug-ins, thus enhancing its functionality manifold.
GIMP offers basic features alongside advanced and sophisticated features, including: customizable interface, layers, photo enhancement capabilities, filters, barrel distortion, special effects, and support of various file formats and of several operating systems. Should you find yourself head over heels, GIMP offers extensive help and assistance options, both offline and online.
After an initial installation process, which can be a little lengthy, loading the program is very quick.
If you're looking for a very potent, comprehensive and professional photo manipulation tool, but you'd rather not pay for it, GIMP is the answer for you.
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